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This website about the biology of primates includes photos of male and female primate genitalia and some video of nonhuman primate mating behavior. Some parents may find this material unsuitable for children.
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Primate Conservation Inc.(PCI) is an all volunteer not for profit which uses donations to fund primate research and conservation projects. PCI grants a limited number of memberships annually to persons and organizations who cannot otherwise afford to join and who are currently studying, preserving and maintaining the habitats of the world's most endangered primates. Unless your circumstances are remarkable, students and others from the developed world are discouraged from requesting complimentary memberships. If you believe you qualify, answer all questions below including the rationale for your request (limited to 1500 characters) as well as the name and email of a reference who is present member of PCI. PCI is a small organization and your request may not be processed immediately. You will be notified via email. The person you reference may be contacted. If you are requesting a complimentary membership renewal, note this in the body of your rationale. All decisions are final for the year of the request.

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