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Free Download: Lemurs of Ranomafana


All The World’s Primates is sharing a free ebook, The Lemurs of Ranomafana. Created for the participants in the recent Prosimian Congress in Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar (August 2013), we thought others might like it. It’s available as either a mobi file (for Kindle) or epub for iPad, tablet, smart phone or other reader. Download link below.

The Lemurs of Ranomafana is adapted from Pogonias Press’ new ebook  All the World’s Lemurs, Lorises, Bushbabies, and Pottos (Amazon $9.95). Planned as the first volume in a series, it illustrates the diversity of the fascinating suborder Strepsirhini, a group which contains many of our oddest, rarest, most beautiful, and least-known primate relatives. More than 100 photographers and primatologists who contributed to this website were involved.

All the World’s Lemurs, Lorises, Bushbabies, and Pottos is a portable resource to help to introduce you to this fascinating group of primates. It has general information about each super family and family followed by profiles of 134 species. Every species profile includes a color photograph or illustration, a color range map, and information on the species’ taxonomy, distinguishing characteristics, physical characteristics, locomotion, diet, life history, social organization, behavior, habitat, IUCN conservation status, and threats the species faces in its natural habitat. The information is fully referenced (Lemurs of Ranomafana is not). Get the ebooks:

All the World’s Lemurs, Lorises, Bushbabies, and Pottos is available at Amazon. $9.95

The Lemurs of Ranomafana is available, free here.

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